Wednesday, March 29, 2006

PantherCast Headlines for March 29, 2006

A First For UWM

The first licensing agreement for research at UWM
has the chancellor, the mayor and the governor
talking. Find out why and how this agreement can
affect you.

Smoking Ban No April Fool's Joke

A smoking ban goes into effect in a matter of days
for the Union at UWM. PantherCast has team coverage
on this ban and how another UW campus is dealing with
no smokes. Ben Wick and Andy Degenhardt report.Va

Vagina Monologues Has The Campus Talking

Some college campuses have banned the performance
of the Vagina Monologues. But here at UWM, the show
goes on. Hear from the producer of the production.

U-Park or No Park?

A leasing issue may put the brakes on a popular parking spot
for students and staff. PantherCast's Chris Eckert reports

Click HERE to listen. [mp3 | 33:16 | 30.6mb]

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