Tuesday, March 13, 2007

PantherCast Headlines for March 13, 2007

Police Battle Fake IDs with Facebook
UWM police are using an unexpected tool to fight underage drinking. Find out how Facebook is helping find the truth behind the fakes. PantherCast's Nathan Imig investigates.

Students Pack Hammers and Nails for Spring Break
When you think of spring break, you often think of sandy beaches. But as PantherCast's Amy Seitenzahl reports, some UWM students are packing hammers and nails instead of swimsuits.

Veterans Get a Big Break
This fall, some students won't see a dime on their tuition bill. Find out why in Dan Heath's report.

Click HERE to listen. [mp3 | 28:08 | 25.8mb]

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

College America

The producers and reporters for UWM PantherCast are busy preparing for their first Web newscast of the semester. Log in after March 13 for the latest UWM news. Until then, check out the first edition of "College America" from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (WBA) College Radio News Network. UWM PantherCast is part of this growing network of college radio news organizations in the state.

College America_mixdown.mp3

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